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If you are age 13 or older, Welcome to the Website for a new book written for you--Keep Your Eye on the Prize! This book helps guide you through the "Transition" years of your life--from teenage years into adulthood. These are great years--full of joy, new challenges, and learning! The book goes further than this by introducing you to some of the wonders you will find as a healthy, well-adjusted adult, so it is just as great for your friends and family who are in their 20s "and beyond"! In fact, there is wisdom for everyone: high school and college students, school counselors, teachers, educators, clergy, and school administrators.

What makes this book unique is that it gives you practical information that is presented in a clear and straightforward way. Through real-life stories, you will learn some basic psychological concepts and strategies that will help you find your own life pathway while learning how to succeed in your relationships, achieve balance in your life, and appreciate the joy that life can bring! Of course, since everyone "stumbles" along the way, the book also gives guidance and lots of self-help online resources that you can easily use to get back on track as quickly as possible or reach out to professionals if things get really out of control.

Here's the general idea: as you are finishing high school, you will be moving on to the next step in life. If you go to college, you will get an orientation to the academic and social aspects of college life, and if you get a job, you will get training about what you are supposed to do on the job, but no one gets an orientation or on-the-job training to succeed at life as an adult! That is what this book will help to do! The book is short and easy to read but full of tools for life. You will want to keep it handy in your back pocket or on your desk for a long time!

Here's what Winston Groom, author of the book, Forrest Gump, says about Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

"Absolutely essential for anyone leaving home for the first time. Avoid this book at your peril. Read it, absorb it--and you'll never be stupid again!"

To get a flavor of the Book, click on the Link for an Excerpt from Chapter One!