Book Description

      American youth today face many unprecedented challenges as you adjust to the roles of adult life. You are immersed in a world of economic, demographic, family, global, and technological pressures that add new complexity to the age-old challenges of love, relationships, and sexuality as well the ever-present risks of alcohol, drugs, and emotional and behavioral problems. Distinctive among books for the late teen to early 20's age group "and beyond," this short guidebook provides a broad overview of some of the fundamental emotional issues facing you as you move toward adulthood.
      Practical, straightforward, and illustrated with real-life stories, this book does not attempt to be comprehensive but selects a few basic ideas from the universe of psychological principles. These principles apply to three broad groups. For the well-adjusted who may stumble occasionally but should be able to assume the responsibilities of adulthood without major problems, this book provides some "big picture" ideas for you to keep in mind as you assemble your lives. Second for those who may have more difficulty recovering emotionally from disappointments, such as failed relationships and academic or work-related setbacks, there are self-help tools and further suggestions for guidance should problems progress to an unmanageable level. For individuals who may develop significant problems such as clinical depression and anxiety problems, drugs, alcohol, and sexual and other acting-out behaviors, the book identifies these problems and provides some tools for addressing them.
      Broad in its scope but lively, positive, inspiring, and highly readable, Keep Your Eye on the Prize is a valuable tool not only for youth, but also for families, friends, high school and college teachers, and educational, clerical, and mental health counselors who work with this age group.