What they're saying about Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

"Absolutely essential for anyone leaving home for the first time. Avoid this book at your peril. Read it, absorb it--and you'll never be stupid again!"
-Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump

"This is an outstanding book for students entering college. It spells out typical psychological and social problems, guides the reader to understand underlying causes and mental mechanisms and gives superb direction in dealing with these problems. It is must reading for students and their counselors."
-Stephen Scheiber, M.D.,
Past Executive Vice-President, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Past President, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry,
the profession's oldest "think tank"

"Dr. Barbara Long's book, Keep Your Eye on the Prize!, is a powerful addition to the literature. It provides a wealth of information for young people and those who counsel and interact with them. The book includes, as well as many other sections, a very understandable integration of psychodynamic concepts and real life experiences. Also a section on social networking and the Internet in today's world is very important with an understanding of feelings and behavior as they relate to this area and the important need for boundaries. The book has uplifting and valid information for all. I strongly endorse it."
-Marcia Kraft Goin, M.D., Ph.D.
Past President, American Psychiatric Association
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Keck School of Medicine,
University of Southern California

"Keep Your Eye on the Prize! is an excellent guide for college-bound high school youth and their parents, but it also would be a valuable resource for educators and counselors. It explains the psychological constructs associated with the transition from adolescence to young adulthood in a refreshing literary style that uses case vignettes and information tools accompanying each chapter. I plan to add this "prize" to my library and anticipate I will be referring to it regularly."
-Beth Ann Brooks, M.D., M.S.A.,
Professor and Associate Chair for Education
Wayne State University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences
Program Director, Psychiatry and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Programs,
Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University

"Barbara Long's insightful book breaks new ground by examining the later years of adolescence and of early adulthood, rarely considered together. In today's world, that passage is ever more complex and this work provides valuable insights, helpful reference materials, and compelling illustrations of the journey. Whether you are an adolescent, young adult, parent, educator, counselor, or clinician, you will be better informed, indeed strengthened, by this book."
-Lance Odden
Headmaster Emeritus, The Taft School

"Going off to college is an exciting, challenging and at times stressful life-changing event. It is a transition that requires learning new psychological and interpersonal tools. Barbara Long's Keep Your Eye on the Prize! is a clear and well-written "toolbox" that parents will want in their childrens' backpacks or e-book reader and that educators should share with their students."
-Jack Drescher, MD
Clinical Associate Professor, New York Medical College
President-Elect, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry
Emeritus Editor, Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health

"This book is a treasure during a hyper-uncertain time in a young person's life. It covers all the practical bases a student encounters as they enter and continue their journey throughout college. It is wise and eminently readable. Strongly recommended."
-Barrie Sanford Greiff, MD
Psychiatrist, Harvard University Health Services and
Psychiatrist to the Harvard Business School, Emeritus

"A great time was had by all who attended [the annual Harvard Club of MN send-off party]... We gave one of your books to [the host] and one to a [past President]. The others were glommed up instantly by some of the students. The others were left wanting... I'll have the MN Club send [more books] out to this wonderful crop of students. Thanks ever so much for sharing your writing capabilities and thoughtfulness in this great primer for the adolescent cadre/cohort."
-Ray Payne
Past President of the Harvard Club of MN